Vlad the Impaler Facts – The Real Secret

While many know, and at least suspect, the Count Dracula is only a fictional character, which is responsible for making blood and even curdle during the season of Halloween, many should be informed that his historial namesake proves it to work otherwise. Vlad III, who is referred to in his heydays as the one Dracula, is considered to be an old Romanian. He was then a medieval prince who goes with a thirst for blood. This is always included in most Vlad the Impaler facts. This was the time when he was given the nickname Vlad the Impaler.

Vlad, during his time, was said to be responsible in punishing most of his enemies brutally. But then, there are still modern historians around the place who are very much aware that Vlad III originated from the pamphlets and even other available texts which are all published and printed just in the 15th century. This might have occurred during, and then after the reight of Vlad. The historical accuracy of the texts may be written by the enemies of Vlad. This was not yet confirmed though.

With the aforementioned, many individuals are asking – was Vlad III really a monster? Or maybe, he was just a medieval ruler who was comparable to many other? Indeed, the world may not be able to know yet. However, there are lesser facts that are true about him. These would somehow explain why he has the reputation he goes right now. What are these?

First of all Vlad has always been the vengeful. Just imagine having to spend tumultuous teenage years being only a hostage. This would hinge fate on the most possible way for sure. This was directed towards his father. That time, the said father was still the ruler of the well-known war-torn region. This occurred in a way different country though. This was like the way the adolescence of Vlad the III has always been.

It was in the year 1442 when Vlad, together with his way younger brother, Radu, were given to Sultan Murad II. The latter was still known to be the ruler of the Ottoman Empire during his time. These young men turned out to be a hostage in order for their father, who was still the ruler of Wallancia’s principality, to remain loyal to most of the Ottomans. This occurred during the ongoing war involving the entire Hungary.

Aside from the mentioned, Vlad was also notorious for being a terrorist. This was documented in most historical texts read by many. It has been overlooked though that he got to combine cruelty with his cunning that was responsible for the terrorizing enemies. For instance, Vlad would rather go for execution. This was not only done in the most sadistic way there is. This was his way to get and avoid his opponents in a good way that was supposed to scare others away.

More and more historians are also claiming that Vlad was really capable of drinking human blood. There was a claim for this. There are books stating for such.